No Realtor Necessary!

When you need to sell your home fast, hiring a realtor can be more trouble than it’s worth.

Finding a realtor you can trust requires work and time. There are some trustworthy realtors out there, but when you need to sell your home fast, you don’t want begin working with a realtor, only to find that they don’t meet your needs or expectations.

Even with some of the best realtors, your home could be sitting on the market for a long, long time; leaving you high and dry without way to get out from under the burden of a home you’re ready to move on from.

And then there’s the commission: Assuming your home sells, both parties’ realtors are going to take 6% for commission. That 6% is in addition to closing costs, title, mortgage insurance and other fees. That’s a lot of fees and charges, and they pile-up fast!

Aside from the costs, there is also the difficulty homeowners face when they own a home that struggles to generate offers.

Sometimes a home doesn’t sell because you don’t have the time or ability to make it show-worthy. Or maybe you live in a neighborhood that went downhill after you bought your house. Whatever the reason is, the plain and simple truth is that many realtors give up on working with homeowners with less-than-perfect homes since they are less likely to earn a large commission.

Homeowners are left to make the difficult decision of finding yet another realtor, taking the property off the market, or reducing the asking price even further. This whole process can waste a lot of time; months or even years, and it puts unnecessary stress on your shoulders.

Sell Your Home As-Is

Selling your home without a realtor isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds. In fact, you can do it without having to lift a finger or spending a dime to spruce up your home before selling it .

No cleaning, no painting, no fixing cracked tiles or tedious annoyances, and no need to schedule a photographer.

Intrinsic Homes will buy your home for cash in “as-is” condition, because we know how important it can be to sell your house fast and move on with the more important things in life. That’s why we close quickly — we often close in as little as a week — and we’ll cover the closing costs.

Get started today by requesting a free, no-obligation quote. Fill out this simple questionnaire or call 1-800-111-1111 and one of our knowledgeable and professional franchisees in your area will contact you shortly.

There’s no pressure and no obligation to take any offer. We’ll simply give you a fair, market-based offer to quickly buy your house.

And best of all — no realtors will be involved!

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