Selling an Estate for Cash

Trying to sell the estate of a deceased relative can be difficult, especially while you and your loved ones are grieving. Going through a lengthy property sale while having strangers in the home every week is probably the last thing anyone wants to think about. Finding a good realtor can be difficult and expensive leaving many people to deal with the the sale themselves.

Selling an estate for cash can take the worry out your hands, and ensure a quick, stress-free sale. Cash sales can speed the whole process up, and allow the family to carry on with mourning, instead of thinking about finding suitable buyers.


How does the Probate Process Work?

Probate is a legal process that involves the transfer of property from an estate to the property holder’s beneficiaries. As an executor of an estate, you may have to sell off real estate held by the estate not directly willed to a specific beneficiary. The probate court handling the estate will then split the proceeds from the sale among the beneficiaries.

Making a valid sale of the property requires that you follow strict sales procedures laid out in the real estate laws covering your location. While these particular procedures are for Oregon probate sales, the general process of selling real estate during probate is a consistent one across jurisdictions.

As real estate investors, we have bought many properties that have come out of probate. We may even be able to buy the property before it clears probate.

Probate of Non-Citizen Spouse

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