We Buy Oregon Houses In Probate

We buy Oregon area homes in probate for cash. Avoid realtor commissions, costly repairs, and delayed sales. Complete the form below to get a fast offer on your probate property.


How We Buy Probate Homes

Step 1: Schedule a Visit

Schedule a visit by calling us or submitting your info on our “Request an Estimate” page, we can travel all over the Portland, Oregon metro area. We will work with you on a convenient time to view your house. We will conduct an inspection of your home in order to give you the most fair estimate. You will not need to do any cleaning or repairs before this happens as we buy houses “As is”

Step 2: Receive a Cash Offer

Our inspector will take time to evaluate your probate house, they will take into consideration things like repairs that are needed, cleaning, renovations and the current market rate. We will contact you within 48 hours with a fair no obligation cash price for your home in probate.

Step 3: Sign and get paid

We understand that when in probate you need to move as quickly as possible, after accepting our cash offer you decide when you want the sale to be. Don’t worry about cleaning, repairs or even taking all of your stuff before leaving the house. We will take care of everything to make the process as seamless as possible.


Why sell a probate house for cash?

Avoid Fees

When a property is in probate you getting the maximum amount of money for the property in the least amount of time is essential. Avoid costly real estate agent fees, inspection fees, and closing costs by selling a probate house for cash.

Flexible Closing date

By selling your probate property to Intrinsic Homes, you gain the flexibility to sell on your timeline. Once we present a cash offer for the home, we have the capability to close in mere days, streamlining and expediting the probate process for you.

No Showings / Open Houses

Many individuals going through the probate journey face the challenges of tight schedules, commitments in different locations, and numerous other tasks. Let go of the stress from endless property showings and disruptive open houses. At Intrinsic Homes, one straightforward inspection is all we require to provide an appraisal and extend a cash offer for your property.

No Repairs / Cleaning

Facing an unexpected loss is challenging, and handling property cleanup and home repairs might seem impossible. At Intrinsic Homes, we don’t expect you to undertake repairs. We purchase homes with challenges that might deter traditional real estate agents or individual buyers. You’re free to leave behind any clutter or unwanted items; we take care of all cleaning and repair expenses post-purchase.

Frequently Asked Probate Questions

What does home in probate mean?

When someone passes away without willing their property to anyone the home is put into probate court. When this happens the state takes over and designates an executor to handle.

Who pays mortgage during probate?

In most cases, the executor is responsible for handling the mortgage payments until the property is foreclosed on or passes to a beneficiary.

How does a probate house sale work

Homes can be sold during the probate process by the executor in order to pay off debts and distribute payments to the beneficiaries.

Get Your Cash Offer

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