What are some of the advantages of accepting cash for your home ?

A real estate sale with a cash offer will allow you to skip the lengthy process of finding an agent, which means that you don’t have to list your home, advertise on the market, and invite a plethora of strangers to walk through your house every day, for open houses.

Common Troubles With Real Estate Agents

Depending on how busy your agent is with other clients, your home may not get the attention it deserves. Finding an agent that will do his or her due diligence at every stage of the selling process can nearly impossible. The busier your agent is, the more likely you are to experience the frustration of not having your calls returned in a timely manner, deadlines being missed, and deals falling through. At Intrinsic we’ll deal with you directly, eliminating the potential liability associated with a real estate agent.

Dealing With Middle Men

If your real estate agent does eventually find a prospective buyer you then have to deal with their agent; cluttering up the sale of your home with not one, but two intermediaries. The whole thing becomes one giant game of telephone; there are miscommunications, failures to contact and important information can easily get lost in shuffle. Cash deals for your home with Intrinsic only involve you and a buyer; no miscommunications, no waiting, and best of all, you get to make the important decisions at your own pace.

 Getting A Potential Buyer Approved

Even if everything has worked out and you’ve found a buyer there’s still the potential that a buyer may not be approved for a home loan. Home loans depend on not only the credit of the buyer, but also the condition of the home. With us the condition doesn’t matter and we will guarantee you a cash offer.

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