Is It Easier to Sell Damaged Property, or Fix It?

If you have a property that has seen better days, it might be difficult to sell on the open market. The majority of homes that are in a state of serious disrepair won’t qualify for a bank loan without the homeowner paying for extensive and costly inspections and renovations out of their own pockets. Not only do these costs eat into your budget, but they may take massive amounts of time and coordination with various contractors, leaving your property sitting there just eating up more money.

Whether your home is simply old and worn, or you’re dealing with a rental property, it might make sense to sell your home “as-is,” rather than paying to fix it up. Old homes can sag and become outdated over time and rental properties are often neglected and abused by renters, in both cases property owners can’t afford the time or money it takes to fix them; even if one could afford to fix a place up the investment may be a bad one. Not every rental property earns well for its renters and many homebuyers nowadays are savvy, looking for the best property for the absolute least amount of money.

Our ability to pay cash for properties means that we can purchase homes in spite of the repairs needed, and because we already have funds on hand there’s no need to get approval for a bank loan; our offer is guaranteed.

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