Out Of Area Sellers

In a world where borders are merely lines on a map, selling a property from afar presents unique challenges. Intrinsic Homes rises to the occasion, offering seamless property sales for those in Oregon and Washington, no matter where they reside globally.


Finding Buyers Regardless of Your Location

In today’s globalized world, property ownership spans across borders and continents. Whether you’ve inherited a property, made an investment, or simply moved away, the challenge remains: how do you sell a property when you’re miles away, maybe even in a different country? Enter Intrinsic Homes, bridging the distance with expertise and ease.

For property owners in Oregon and Washington, your physical location should never be a barrier to a successful sale. We at Intrinsic Homes are well-versed in working with sellers who might be stationed in a different state, or even halfway around the globe. Our streamlined process ensures that, no matter where you’re based, you can confidently and quickly receive a cash offer for your property. Distance is but a number; our commitment to providing fair offers remains constant.

Moreover, in a competitive real estate market, it’s essential to have a partner that can stand out and navigate the intricacies of remote transactions. At Intrinsic Homes, we understand the unique challenges out-of-area sellers face. It’s more than just a property sale for us; it’s about ensuring that our clients, regardless of their location, feel heard, supported, and satisfied. With our experienced Homebuyers at the helm, you can rest easy knowing your property sale is in adept hands, promising a hassle-free experience and a guaranteed cash offer.


Home Renovation Projects

Home Remodel 74th Ave, NE Portland

Home Remodel 74th Ave, NE Portland

Intrinsic Homes is excited to reveal our latest renovation triumph on 74th Ave NE, Portland. Every facet of this home has been touched with our signature blend of tradition and innovation……..

Pacific Dr Fairview Oregon

Pacific Dr Fairview Oregon

Home Remodel Pacific Dr Fairview OregonIntrinsic Homes proudly unveils its newest transformation on Pacific Dr, Fairview. Embodying the perfect blend of classic charm and modern flair, this home has been meticulously redefined from the inside out. At its heart, the...

Home Remodel Longview Ave, N Portland

Home Remodel Longview Ave, N Portland

Home Remodel Longview Ave, N PortlandIntrinsic Homes is elated to showcase our revitalized gem on Longview Ave, N Portland. Merging timeless allure with modern innovation, this home now stands as an emblem of architectural brilliance. The heart of the home, the...



“Our journey with Intrinsic Homes has been nothing short of fantastic. Admittedly, we had our reservations in the beginning, especially during the initial design phases. Yet, the transformation of our house is beyond anything we’d imagined. The design blends modern elements seamlessly, enhancing our home’s value. Their dedication to top-notch quality is evident in every corner. If you’re contemplating buying a renovated home or remodeling an existing one, Intrinsic Homes gets our highest recommendation.”

James Hanley

Seaside, Oregon

“Navigating the sale of my mother’s home was made infinitely easier thanks to Intrinsic Homes. Their team demonstrated a genuine understanding and compassion, particularly in their interactions with my elderly mother who had to part with a house full of memories. The trust they fostered made the transition smooth. Their offer was fair, and they were exceptionally accommodating, granting us ample time to sort through years of belongings. In an age where genuine customer care seems scarce, Intrinsic Homes stands out. They have my sincere gratitude, and I’ll be singing their praises to friends and family.”

Ashley Moore

Gresham, Oregon

“The thought of parting with the home I’d known for years was daunting, to say the least. Yet, the entire process was made stress-free by Intrinsic Homes. Their assessment of my property resonated with feedback I’d received from leading local realtors. They were flexible, allowing me the time I needed to sift through a lifetime of memories before finalizing the sale. With Intrinsic, I felt in control and assured every step of the way. If anyone’s in a similar situation, I’d wholeheartedly suggest Intrinsic Homes for a seamless, fair experience. They’re truly a class apart.”

Javier Perez

Sherwood, Oregon