Many prospective homeowners are drawn in by the allure of the fixer-upper, and for good reason. The idea of building your dream-home from the ground-up, and for less money is exciting!

The unseen risks and expenses that come along with the “buy low, sell high” ethos of fixer-uppers mean that they aren’t exactly a guarantee. There are plenty of people who snagged the most run-down house in a great neighborhood and turned it into their dream home, but as a homebuyer you’re just as likely to find overworked and overspent homeowners ready to run from their money pits.

Committing to a fixer-upper is a big decision, one that can impact your financial picture for years to come, so before placing a down-payment on an average home for an okay price, consider taking advantage of our house buying program. We’ll work hard to get you the absolute best deal in today’s market. Here are just some of the services we offer with our house buying program in order to help your create your dream home:

  • We’ll work together to determine what you want in a dream home
  • Next we search our partner’s massive inventory for great project houses that fit your budget
  • We’ll work with a skilled team of contractors to make improvements to your dream-home to-be
  • Finally we’ll help you to create value in your new home for less stress, ensuring your new purchase is not only exactly what you’ve always dreamed of, but your nest-egg for the future as well