Frequently Asked Questions
We help home owners save time by selling their homes for cash in an “AS IS” state. Dont worry about cleaning, painting or costly repairs before selling your home, save time by selling your home for cash.


Cash For Homes Buying Process

Do I have to pay a fee for intrinsic homes to make an offer on my home?

No. You never have to pay anything for Intrinsic Homes to make an offer when you’re interested in selling your home for cash. Our Home Buyers will schedule a visit at a time that’s convenient for you, answer your questions, evaluate your home, and make an all cash offer with no obligation, and at no cost to you.


Who usually sells a house for cash?

People in all different kinds of circumstances sell their houses for cash. The one thing most sellers have in common is that they want to sell a house quickly, to a trusted home buyer who can make a cash offer and close quicky. 

Here are a few reasons people may sell for cash. 

  • Relocating for a new job.
  • Going through a divorce / seperation .
  • Falling behind on mortgage payments and facing foreclosure.
  • Need to sell an inherited property quickly.
  • Issues with a rental property and problem renters.
  • Houses with structural or repair issues
How do you determine the price you will offer for my house?

Intrinsic Homes takes a number of factors into consideration when determining a cash offer. After visiting your home and going over our frequently asked questions and any additional questions you may have, our representative will evaluate:

  • The existing condition of your home
  • The extent and cost of repairs needed to resell your home
  • The time it will take to finish needed repairs
  • The value of your home compared to other comparable homes in the area
  • The real estate commission required to resell your home
  • The costs associated with maintaining your home during repairs, including taxes, payments, insurance, utilities, homeowner dues, and more
    Will you pay market value for my house?

    When selling your home, our Home Buyer will consider the condition of your home, and will make a fair offer to pay cash. In determining the offer, our Home Buyer will discount from the estimated retail value after it’s fully renovated. This means our Home Buyer will buy your home, but at a price that is below market value due to necessary repairs, renovation and other factors. They buy homes for cash, renovate them, and resell them for a profit or rent them out to qualified tenants.

    However, you will enjoy the conveniences of an all cash closing when selling your home to Intrinsic Homes. You won’t have to deal with any mortgage approval hassles, you won’t have to pay any normal closing costs, and you don’t have to make repairs to your home. Close as quickly as within seven days of receiving an offer for cash, and you’re out of your ugly house.

      What factors do you use to estimate the cash offer you will make on my own?

      We have years of industry experience that help guide us towards making a fair cash offer on your home. We consider many factors to evaluate an estimate on your house including: 

      • Cost of repairs and renovations 
      • Time to repair and renovate
      • Cost of maintaining house until its ready to sell ( Taxes, HOA, Utilities, etc )
      • The future price of your home after renovations compared to homes in your area
      Do you buy Condos, Mobile homes or other types of homes?

      Yes we buy all types of properties including TownHomes, Duplexes, Condos, Multi-tenant buildings and even some commercial properties. 

      Will you be listing my house like a real estate agent or actually buying it?

      We are not real estate agents, we act as buyers and buy houses directly from seller who chose not to use an agent or selling service.

      How are you different from a real estate agent?

      There are a number of ways we are different from real estate agents, the biggest being that we buy a house in 1-3 weeks where a real estate agent cant take months to sell a house. We also do not charge any kind of fee for buying your house, and you can leave your house completely as is.

      How does the process work when selling your home

      If you’re interested in selling your home to Intrinsic Homes, the answer to this FAQ will put your mind at ease. Here’s the home buying process:

      1. Call us at 503-498-1942 or fill out our contact form to give us some simple information about your home.
      2. We’ll have a Home Buyer in your area contact you immediately to schedule a visit to your home.
      3. Our Home Buyer will visit your home in person, explain the process of selling your home, answer all of your questions, and evaluate your home’s condition, before making a fair, no-obligation offer to purchase your home for cash. Accepting our Home Buyers cash offer is all up to you.
      4. If you accept the offer, we’ll set up a closing usually within seven days. We’ll pay cash for your home, pay all normal closing costs and that’s the entire process.



      “I wanted to thank Intrinsic Homes for the wonderful customer experience that I had selling my father’s home. The sensitivity in dealing with my 86-year-old father was most appreciated. Your kindness, flexibility and patience put my father at ease and most important, created a trust that made it easier for him to let go of a house he has lived in for 50 years. You allowed us plenty of time to move our possessions and your offer was most’s so rare these days to find a company that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer’s to your continued success. I will recommend you to all my friends.”
      Samantha Christy

      Portland, Oregon

      “My family and I have been very satisfied with our experience with Intrinsic Homes. We were a bit skeptical during the early design stages. However, the complete remodel of our new home has exceeded all expectations. The design is innovative, yet still subtle enough to add value to our home. In addition, their commitment to quality has been outstanding. We would heartily recommend Intrinsic Homes to any of our friends looking to purchase a newly rehabbed home or remodel their old one.”
      Will Ashmore and Family

      Beaverton, Oregon

      “Selling my lifelong home, my first home sale ever, could have been a difficult process, but Intrinsic Homes made it very easy. The fair evaluation of my property and home was confirmed to me by one of the area’s leading home sellers.I was able to work out a day that worked with my schedule to facilitate the packing of decades of accumulated possessions, to close on the house. Working with Intrinsic allowed me to make the right decision at the right time, without headache or hitches.Without hesitation I would recommend Intrinsic Homes to others. While every individual’s situation is different, I have no question in my mind that the sale of my home was fair and smooth. I am very happy that Intrinsic Homes bought my house!”
      Mark Machado

      Portland, Oregon

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