Home Appraisal

Embarking on a home sale journey? Intrinsic Homes simplifies it for you in three straightforward steps: from an initial no-obligation appraisal to a comprehensive, fee-free consultation at your home, culminating in a swift cash offer with the flexibility to close in as little as 15 days. Every decision remains in your hands, backed by our unwavering support and transparent approach.


Divorce, a situation no one anticipates, unfortunately touches the lives of millions each year. Amidst the emotional upheaval, one of the biggest challenges couples face is determining the fate of shared assets, especially real estate. Homes, often seen as foundations of marital lives, become complex assets to divide or maintain post-divorce.

The Emotional Toll of Real Estate in Divorce

Beyond its financial value, a home often holds countless memories, making the decision of what to do with it even more challenging. For many, the house serves as a constant reminder of a life once lived, bringing up emotions that can hinder the healing process. Moreover, for a newly single individual, maintaining such a property can be both financially and emotionally taxing.

Advantages of Selling for Cash

Speed of Sale:

In the tumultuous period of a divorce, a swift sale can bring immense relief. Cash sales expedite the process, offering closure faster than traditional real estate transactions.

No Need for Repairs or Staging:

Selling for cash means you can sell your home “as-is.” There’s no need to invest time or money in repairs or home staging — further easing the selling process.

Bypassing Agent Fees and Commissions:

Selling directly for cash eliminates the middlemen, ensuring you retain more from the sale. Without agent commissions, you’re assured a better financial outcome.

Predictable Outcome:

There’s an inherent unpredictability with traditional sales — potential buyers may not secure loans or might back out last minute. A cash sale brings certainty. When you accept a cash offer, you know the sale will go through.

Benefits of a Fresh Start

Divorces symbolize endings, but also new beginnings. By selling your marital property, you free yourself from the emotional and financial ties of the past, allowing you to embark on a new chapter. With the proceeds from a cash sale, you’re better positioned to secure your future, find a place that resonates with your new life, and move forward with confidence.


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“Our journey with Intrinsic Homes has been nothing short of fantastic. Admittedly, we had our reservations in the beginning, especially during the initial design phases. Yet, the transformation of our house is beyond anything we’d imagined. The design blends modern elements seamlessly, enhancing our home’s value. Their dedication to top-notch quality is evident in every corner. If you’re contemplating buying a renovated home or remodeling an existing one, Intrinsic Homes gets our highest recommendation.”

James Hanley

Seaside, Oregon

“Navigating the sale of my mother’s home was made infinitely easier thanks to Intrinsic Homes. Their team demonstrated a genuine understanding and compassion, particularly in their interactions with my elderly mother who had to part with a house full of memories. The trust they fostered made the transition smooth. Their offer was fair, and they were exceptionally accommodating, granting us ample time to sort through years of belongings. In an age where genuine customer care seems scarce, Intrinsic Homes stands out. They have my sincere gratitude, and I’ll be singing their praises to friends and family.”

Ashley Moore

Gresham, Oregon

“The thought of parting with the home I’d known for years was daunting, to say the least. Yet, the entire process was made stress-free by Intrinsic Homes. Their assessment of my property resonated with feedback I’d received from leading local realtors. They were flexible, allowing me the time I needed to sift through a lifetime of memories before finalizing the sale. With Intrinsic, I felt in control and assured every step of the way. If anyone’s in a similar situation, I’d wholeheartedly suggest Intrinsic Homes for a seamless, fair experience. They’re truly a class apart.”

Javier Perez

Sherwood, Oregon