We help home owners save time by selling their homes for cash in an “AS IS” state. Dont worry about cleaning, painting or costly repairs before selling your home, save time by selling your home for cash.


Benefits of selling your home for cash

““We looked at several cash for home buyers in Florida but Gold Leaf Home Buyers stood out as being more reputable. They were extremely fast with their cash estimate and closed the deal within 12 days of when we first contacted them””

Thomas – Brandon, Florida

“Working with Gold Leaf Home Buyers was a relief when we inherited a property that needed a lot of repairs to be livable. We contacted Gold Leaf Home Buyers and got an estimate scheduled within 3 days and closed a deal within 14 days. “

Elizabeth – Lithia, Florida

“We agreed on a price very quickly, it was better than any other company we talked to in the Tampa area. I am very happy with our deal.”

Bill – Tampa, Florida

“Melissa made it very easy for us to get rid of a house that had problem renters in. Being out of town landlords made it a logistics nightmare to sell the home in a reasonable time but Gold Leaf Home Buyers made the process very easy”

Peggy & Tom – Tampa, Florida

“Gold Leaf Home Buyers made it very easy to quickly get rid of a property we had issues with for several years, we expected the sale of the property to take several months but Gold Leaf Home Buyers was able to handle it in just a few weeks”

Howard – Apollo Beach, Florida

“Everything was very fast and easy, we were able to sell our property within a month with no repairs and no cleaning at all.”

Mariana – Tampa, Florida

“I was able to handle almost everything through phone calls with the exception of a few in person meetings at my house. Everything went very quick and seamless.”

Martin – Brandon, Florida

“We were pleasantly surprised that we did not get nickel and dimed during the inspection, Gold Leaf Home Buyers gave us an offer that was fair and we closed on the sale shortly after.”

Jasmine  Tampa, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located ?

We are located in Tampa, Florida and do business in several counties such as Brand, Lithia, Riverview, Tampa Heights and several others.

How are you different from a real estate agent?

There are a number of ways we are different from real estate agents, the biggest being that we buy a house in 1-3 weeks where a real estate agent cant take months to sell a house. We also do not charge any kind of fee for buying your house, and you can leave your house completely as is.

Will you be listing my house like a real estate agent or actually buying it?

We are not real estate agents, we act as buyers and buy houses directly from seller who chose not to use an agent or selling service.

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